Part of the beauty and interest in staying at a Bed and Breakfast is that every B&B is unique and different. They are reflection of the owners/innkeepers and as unique as individuals. Likewise the breakfast service is going to be different and unique at every one.  So what can you expect for the breakfast experience at the Blue Goose Inn?Breakfast on the sun porch at the Blue Goose Inn Bed & Breakfast

First of all, we are dedicated to making as much as possible in our own kitchen from fresh, whole ingredients sourced from local farms and organic as much as possible. We even grind our own wheat, churn our own butter and make our own ricotta. This means that every cookie, every piece of bread, every muffin, every pancake, waffle or scone is made with love, from scratch in our kitchen. We also make our own condiments including ketchup, butters, spreads, jams, syrups and granolas.  This also enables us to control every ingredient to allow for special diets – but only if we know in advance.

As you might imagine this takes quite a bit of extra effort and planning. We want to offer our guests as many choices as possible, but to maintain this level of breakfast with just the two of us in the kitchen, there are going to be some limitations on what we can do. The breakfast menu is “chef’s choice” and we alternate our entrée between a sweet and a savory feature, with elements of both at every breakfast.  If you’re staying for several days, we’ll make every effort to make sure there are no repeats during your entire stay. We even will offer a Continental breakfast in your room, if you want something lighter, would like to sleep in or just don’t enjoy the company of other travelers at breakfast. If you have to leave early, we even offer a Grab-n-Go breakfast to take with you on the road.

Fresh made-from-scratch croissants right from the oven.

Our traditional breakfast is served promptly at either 8:00 AM or 9:00 AM family style on the sun-porch. This means you will likely be sharing a table with fellow travelers, which affords a great opportunity to make new friends or discover things you have in common. Every item of breakfast is plated and served to you at the table in 3 or more courses – only the first cup of coffee is self-serve.

We are happy to customize your breakfast to your dietary needs, provided we are informed before your arrival. Please provide as much detail as necessary in your reservation notes, or call us to clarify if there are any complexities. We’ll even do our best to accommodate last minute dietary surprises, but it often won’t be with as much style or love as we can provide if we know in advance.  As much as possible every guest will be served the same meal at breakfast – we are not able to do separate orders for each guest because of our staff and kitchen limitations. Because we realize that not everyone enjoys everything we do, we’ll be happy to omit any item from the breakfast when we know in advance, but substitutions are not possible.

Breakfast starter serving at the Blue Goose Inn

Sometimes guests will ask if they can join the group for hot breakfast, but just take the Continental or simply have toast and coffee. As much as we’d like to accommodate this request, sometimes it is just not possible. Of course a guest can join the group for hot breakfast and just stop after the starter-course, remaining with the group while the entrée is served. Please understand that we are not able to offer simple toast & jam as an alternative unless we have specifically made fresh bread for everyone as part of the meal. Bread & toast is something we do from scratch and serve it fresh the same day.  We don’t keep a loaf of store-bought bread anywhere in the house. Since our continental breakfast offering is completely separate from the main meal and is prepared at least an hour before our main breakfast; it is not possible to take the continental breakfast at the table with the other guests. Alternately the Continental can be enjoyed at 7:00 AM at the dining tables or any time after that in your guest room. And as mentioned above, the guest who’d like to participate with the group in the main dining room but have a lighter breakfast can ask for the starter service only, skipping the main entrée.

What we don’t do: We don’t offer staggered or customized seating times. We don’t offer a breakfast buffet or self-service options. We don’t offer a menu of individual selections for breakfast. Since we’re not a restaurant, we can’t offer lunch or dinner, but many great restaurants are nearby.

Our promise is that we will provide a healthy, hearty, hand-crafted breakfast made from the freshest local and premium ingredients, served with love just like you’re part of our family every time.