Webcam Time-lapse for past 3 hours

Watch the clouds, people or boats go by for the past three hours today (0:08). A new video is available every hour throughout the day.
Credit: Blue Goose Inn

Webcam Time-lapse for yesterday (24 hrs)

Watch the predawn and sunrise through sunset and nightfall for yesterday (0:53). A new video is available every night at midnight.
Credit: Blue Goose Inn

More Orcas in Penn Cove!

On May 17th, 2015, a large group of two or more pods converged in Penn Cove and spent several hours frolicking, jumping, and tail-slapping. (1:53)
Credit: Blue Goose Inn

Orcas in Penn Cove!

On Christmas Day, 2014 a group of Killer Whales came into Penn Cove and entertained a crowd of well wishers on the Coupeville Wharf (2:13)
Credit: Blue Goose Inn

Making Butter for your Breakfast.

Becky makes most of the condiments, syrups, sauces, jams and butter served at breakfast. Here’s how she makes homemade butter. (0:27)
Credit: Blue Goose Inn

Neighborhoods: North Whidbey

Coupeville featured on Comcast’s Neighborhoods.
Credit: Comcast in Washington

Welcome To Coupeville!

Spectacular photography showing the beauty of Coupeville  (0:17)
Credit: Island County Tourism

Admiralty Head Lighthouse

Overview of the Admiralty Head Lighthouse at Ft. Casey State Park (3:52)
Credit: Island County Tourism

Whidbey Island – The Shortest Distance to Far Away

Promotional video for Whidbey Island (2:12)
Credit: Island County Tourism

FAQ: “What is a Blue Goose?”
A: It is another name for a Snow Goose

Credit: Island County Tourism

The Hotel Package

Why B&Bs are better!

Credit: Better Way to Stay

Whidbey Island – Boating in Island County

Race Week in Penn Cove

Credit: Island County Tourism

Mussels in the Kettles 2014

Coupeville has some great trails for mountain biking!
Highlights of the March 2014 mountain bike ride in the nearby Kettles Trails. (4:08)

Credit: Whidbey Island Bicycle Club

Washington’s Ultimate Road Trip!

The Cascade Loop is Washington’s Ultimate Road Trip. The loop includes Whidbey Island via Deception Pass bridge and the Clinton-Mukilteo Ferry. (3:41)

Credit: The Cascade Loop