The John & Jane Kineth House – 1887


John Kineth was born in Bavaria in 1828. He came to America at age ten with his parents and settled in Illinois. He then joined a troop of emigrants and crossed the plains in 1849, settling in Oregon. He was a harness maker for many years, earning ten to fifteen dollars a day.   Jane M. Carter was born in 1835 in Ohio. She crossed the plains with her parents when she was thirteen. Her father, Thomas Carter, was a direct descendant of Mayflower pilgrim Robert Carter. The family settled in Portland, Oregon when there were only five houses there. 
The Kineths farmed on Smith Prairie and built a frame house in 1866. They had the first double team in the neighborhood and the family prospered by marketing their grain and livestock in Victoria and other places.   In 1887, John and Jane bought a tract of land in town from A.D. Blowers and built a home for retirement.  Howard Lovejoy built the house in an elegant Italianate style, set on the main street where it was visible with tall vertical bays, decorated frieze and carved brackets under the eaves.   See more about the history of the Kineth house here.