The Coupe Gillespie House – 1891


James Gillespie was born in Wisconsin in 1853. His parents were from New Brunswick and Ireland and they all lived in Wisconsin until the lure of the West attracted them in 1856. They sold their farm and booked passage for the Isthmus of Panama, arriving in Portland Oregon.

James stayed on the family’s land claim at Snakelum until 1885, when he moved into Coupeville.

In 1875, he married Keturah Coupe, daughter of Captain Thomas Coupe. In 1887 he bought a parcel of land from Abram Alexander on Front Street and built a small shop where he worked as a meat cutter for many years.

The Coupe-Gillespie home was originally located across the street on the corner of 6th and Main, but was moved to 9th and Kinney when the Courthouse Annex was built in 1972. It was moved again, to its current location in 1990.